How Does a Metal Detector Work?

There are different types of metal detectors, and they all work differently. A regular metal detector uses a transmitter coil to help create an electromagnetic field when electricity passes through it. So, when moving the metal detector around, the electromagnetic field moves around in unison. When you move the metal detector over any metallic object, […]

Who Invented the Metal Detector? The History of the Metal Detector

Many great minds have improved metal detectors from what it used to be to what we have now. The first inventor that received a patent for metal detectors is Dr. Gerhard R. Fisher. However, there had been the first notion regarding metal detectors and this was through Alexander Graham Bell who is popular for his […]

12 Biggest Metal Detector Finds Ever

There have been discoveries made that have impacted the lives of people positively. These discoveries range from long lost treasures to antique discoveries. Though the efficacy of some discoveries cannot be affirmed, some are real. Discoveries usually bring wealth and fame to most people behind the discoveries, but this is not always the same. For […]