Gift for metal detectorists

Gifts for the metal detectorist in your life

Do you know a metal detectorist to whom you would want to offer gifts? You may choose the ideal gift for your detectorist using our list of presents for metal detectorists.

It’s actually pretty simple to find gifts for someone who enjoys metal detecting if they adore the hobby.

There are several metal detecting accessories, such as apparel, digging tools, and backpacks, that would make the ideal gift in addition to a new metal detector (we’d all love a new treasure stick!). These suggested gifts for metal detectorists are sure to make their hearts beep, whether it’s a Father’s Day, birthday, or Christmas present.
You can count on this being one of the nicest presents you could give that person.

  • Here is a list of suggestions to get you started before you decide what to buy.

The Snake Guardz

Getting off the beaten route to find ideal spots to look for treasure is often required while metal detecting. This can require you to wander across snake territory, depending on where you are. Not only should you keep your lower extremities covered from snakes, but also from thorns, briars, and cactus.

Digger SE Prospector’s Choice 12″

Prospector’s Choice for SE 12.5″ Digger
You might have believed that a hobbyist solely utilises a metal detector, but that couldn’t be further from the reality. Although a digger actually does the digging, a detector can be doing the detecting. The importance of having accessories is equal to that of having a metal detector.

Help out a fellow hobbyist by getting them a new 12″ serrated digging tool to decrease the burden of investing so much upfront when purchasing a metal detector, which is expensive on its own. The heat-treated carbon steel digger blade on the SE Prospector has serrated edges on both sides. The digger comes with a belt-loop sheath, a plastic handle, and a hand guard.

Metal detectorists frequently unearth tiny grains that require additional inspection. A magnifying glass is convenient, but when it comes to closely inspecting discoveries, an illuminated pocket microscope is indispensable.


For a metal detectorist, a precision illuminated pocket microscope with adjustable 60 to 100 times magnification makes the ideal gift stuffer. The retractable condenser lens precisely directs the light on the object while the focus is adjusted by spinning the wheel. Additionally, it includes a cute, protective carry case that fits nicely alongside your detector equipment. Light-Scope has dimensions of 5 1/2 inches long by 2 inches high by 7/8 inch deep.



2 months

Metal-detecting gear

My best picks for metal detecting gear also include specialised clothing, such as detectorists t-shirts, metal detecting shirts, or other clothing. This is what we treasure hunters enjoy. We can become lifelong friends if you give us metal detecting gifts.

  • T-shirts with metal detectors
  • I would rather go mud fishing.
  • You can purchase amusing metal detecting apparel, such as these t-shirts:

More than a dozen different metal detecting shirts with humorous slogans are available.

These funny metal detecting shirts are great.

Pants for metal detection
A pair of fishing pants like these waterproof waders will come in handy if your detectorist enjoys searching in shallow water. Your detectorist will spend the day dry and comfortable thanks to them. They weigh considerably less than rubber

Roman Gladiator Bronze Coin

A Roman coin can be an excellent find for coin sleuths. Numerous genuine 337–361 AD Brzone Roman Gladiator coins are available and make the ideal present.

You can get authentic coins with the likeness of Constantius II on one side and a gladiator poised to engage in combat and dispatch his opponent on the other.

Maps and books on treasure hunting start at about $4.

There are stacks of volumes that will pique the interest of any book seeker. A dedicated metal detectorist can buy books on a variety of topics, including how-to manuals, historical atlases, and history. You may choose the ideal book for just about anyone based on their particular interests or location.

bags and pouches

There are numerous branded and unbranded carry bags and pouches for metal detecting. A carry bag is a terrific method to safeguard your investment in a metal detector, and a new pouch is always a nice gift for a treasure hunter.

High Plains Prospectors Large Black Padded Carry Bag for Metal Detector

The 54″-long High Plains cushioned travel bag is easily adjustable to fit the majority of fully constructed straight shaft metal detectors. This backpack contains a wide 15″ side zipper section to house your numerous accessories, keeping them apart from your detector. These accessories can include headphones, batteries, diggers, and other requirements. It has a hard-wearing canvas covering and a cushioned interior to safeguard your detector while you’re travelling to and from hunts. You can safeguard your detector at all times without disassembling it thanks to this premium bag. You can easily load or unload your metal detector by zipping it from either side thanks to the full length 2-way zipper. Bag is simple to carry thanks to the attached strap.

Gloves for metal detection

Each and every detectorist requires a set of premium gloves (Check those Recommendations). Given that they frequently run out of gloves, detectorists appreciate receiving gloves as gifts.

Consider working in a hard, compacted soil or working in the cold. Detectorists frequently get cuts, scratches, and other hand injuries as a result of rocks and roots that present a risk to their hands.

Metal detecting gloves are a terrific present to protect their hands and keep them warm.

Digging instruments for spotting metal

Finding gifts for us detectorists that are related to metal detecting is actually rather simple.

digging equipment Without the proper digging equipment, metal detecting would be all but impossible. Here are some tools for treasure seeking to aid your metal detectorist in finding their treasures.

The greatest metal detector digging tool will significantly improve the lives of your detectorists.

Environmental Cover and Coil

Although it might not seem so, even metal detecting covers and other accessories can soon add up to the final cost.

Giving someone an accessory like a coil cover, which shields the search coil of the detector from damage and scrapes and increases its lifespan, is a terrific idea. A coil and environmental cover are frequently offered in bundles.

The control box of the detector is shielded by an environmental cover against environmental damage such as dust, rain, splashes, dirt knocks, scrapes, and more.

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